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Friday, December 3, 2010

Bobby Gonzalez Gets Resolution in Shoplifting Case

Bobby Gonzalez, the former Seton Hall coach arrested and charged with shoplifting this summer, was admitted into pretrial intervention Friday, thereby allowing him the opportunity to avoid criminal charges stemming the arrest

If Gonzalez completes community service and pays restitution in the next year, all criminal charges will be dropped. At his arraignment in July, Gonzalez plead not guilty to the charges of shoplifting and criminal mischief, which could have carried a five-year jail sentence. Gonzalez is said to be happy with the case's resolution.

The incident itook place at a New Jersey mall last summer, when Gonzalez was accused of stealing a $1,400 satchel from a Polo Ralph Lauren store by removing the security sensor. Gonzalez then took the bag to a nearby restaurant and left it there with the hostess, claiming that he'd return shortly with his wife to retrieve it. The restaurant workers noticed that the bag was new and that the sensor had been removed, so they returned it. When Gonzalez came back for the bag, he was told that it was sent back to the Polo store, and he left. He turned himself into the police a week later.

Gonzalez was fired by Seton Hall in March after an opening round loss in the NIT.

He sued the university over his termination and a settlement was reached in August.

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